Reach people where ever they are, Access million unique users on the Tezlow APP, website and Partner Networks. Millions of users through advertising. Connect across platforms and people use every day for work and social. Connect with people reach audiences who are ready to engage and purchase online.

To Advertise on Tezlow, you must have a User or Business profile on the App.

App can be downloaded from the Google play store

Ios is currently under development

Website : or Sign up on the website

Once you have a user profile /business profile you can start running your Ads. You can run as Ads many times as you need.

How to Create an Ad on Tezlow

Once you’ve decided what your goals is, the marketing goal that’s right for you, following the instructions below to create your first ad.

What’s your Marketing Objective?

“what’s the most important outcome I want from your ad?” this is a very important question you need to ask yourself before run your Ads. It could be brand awareness, sales on your website, lead generation, event attendees , downloads of your app.

Brand AwarenessConverse
Traffic Reach peopleSales
Lead Generation Mind set Product shop
App installs

Add Credit to run your Ad?

How much do you want to Spend on your Ad? You should set a budget that you are comfortable with and credit your Ad Account.There are 2 ways to credit your Ad Account Directly click add Credit but you can only use PayPal.

2. Click this secured link to add credit using your credit card. (Your credit will appear in your user account with in 30 minutes to 1 hour) CLICK HERE ADD CREDIT TO YOUR USER PROFILE ON TEZLOW

Input your Budget

Now you have credit in your Tezlow ad Profile , you can can set up your budget. Example if you have $70 in your Ad account you can decide you only want to spend $30 on an Ad. Or you can place 3 different Ads with different budgets $20,$30,$10 etc

Your Ad Name and Link

Your Ad details could be company name or name you would like on your Ad.Your Ad link should be the link people who click the Ad would be taken to.

Your Audience

Who would you like to see your Ad?What Audience are you targeting?

Where should your Advertisement be placed?

Ads can be placed between Posts or on the right side bar of the site. The choice is yours you can visit the Resource centre on this website to see the where to place your Ads, if would depend on what Goals you are trying to achieve.

What is the Title of your Ad?

This is where you Type the tile of your Ad, so users are able to see what your Ad is about.

Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression?

These are the two options offered.

What Category would you like to place your Ad?

Choose the category you would like your Ad to show up in. There are multiple categories to choose from.

Choose from the options the Length of time you would like your Ad to be Displayed for.

Ad description : describe what your Advert is about

Your Ad description is very important, you can create one yourself or find an Ad Specialist, Ad Manager or Marketing Agency to create one for you. Visit our resource page for tips

Upload Your Ad Image

The image you would like the Ad viewer to see. Your image should communicate with your intended target audience. You can create an image yourself or find professional assistance.

Publish your Advert

Click the “Publish Ad” button for your Ad to be visible on Tezlow.

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