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The one day Course that Landed a Man from Kent a four figure income every month. “Mathew from Sevenoaks, Kent” Makes £5,064 every Month as an Ads manager for Tezlow Ads, running his own Ad Agency called ” Snowflake Advertising”He helps small businesses set up their Advertising campaigns on Tezlow App and partner networks.

Matthew was unemployed and came across the ads manager course after a job search on Google. He landed on Classified ads Website Gezow a popular UK site. After browsing the Job Section he found the ads manager course In his own words he says.. ” I wasn’t too sure because there are so many courses on the internet. But after reading the details I decided to take the course. I have never thought of running my own Ad Agency but I like the idea of working from home, especially after the year we have all had. I liked the fact that after the course I would be placed on the Ads manager official list of Certified Ads managers. And also because I decided to run my own Ad Agency I will be placed on the official Certified Ad Agency List. Used by many businesses owners to find Help with their Advertising and Marketing.

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I also liked that I could ask to have a free website Profile created; as I couldn’t afford a website, so this worked perfectly well for me. Because I had made up my mind that I would like to run my own Tezlow Ad Agency, because of the benefits, I’ll be honest the financial rewards are my driving force.

With Assistance from the Live Chat Support centre for Ads Managers I was up and running in 4 days. After sending a few emails to businesses offering my Ad manager services, I finally got my first response after 1 week and a half. I was so excited but I was a little bit nervous so I contacted the Ads Manager live chat support. They assisted me all the way, my first client paid £234.56 I set up the campaign for the client and I made £117.28. I was so excited and knew that if I doubled my effort I could make a lot more. Another thing I really liked was the help I received from the support centre every time I asked for help they were always there to assist me. They also directed me to Zolgoo reviews platform. Where I was able to collect reviews from my customers, so new customers can see reviews on my Ad Agency which had made things so much better for me, because I work really hard on my Ad agency during the day and send emails to over 100 businesses daily. As an Ads manager or If you run a Tezlow Ads agency, any time you set up a campaign for your client Tezlow will always add double to what ever you pay into run the campaign. Example if my client pay £500. I will credit client campaign account with £250 and Tezlow will add an extra £250 worth of ads to the account. So I get to keep half of what any client pays me as my profit. You can tell they really care about their Advertisers and also the ad Managers. I will encourage anyone who is looking for a job or want to run their own ad agency to contact Tezlow for business or to find one of their Ad courses on the Internet and take it. I’m looking forward to seeing how far my ad agency goes

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