How can I add credit to my User Account?

There are 2 ways to credit your Ad Account via PayPal or via Credit card.

Via PayPal

Login to your user profile and navigation to the Advertising section. See video on where to find the Advertisement Section Click for Video

Once you have navigated to the Advertisement Section, Directly click add Credit but you can only use PayPal.

Via Credit Card

2. Click this secured link to add credit using your credit card. (Your credit will appear in your user account with in 30 minutes to 1 hour) CLICK HERE ADD CREDIT TO YOUR USER PROFILE ON TEZLOW via Credit Card.

What is the minimum I can spend on an Ad?

Minimum spend on Ads is $10

Where can I find Help with running my Ads?

You can contact any Credible Advertising and Marketing Agency to help you manage your Ads, some of this Agencies can also create a your business user Profile on Tezlow and create content for your profile.

Marketing Agencies

Here are a list of Some Marketing Agencies that can help you with your Advertising on Tezlow.

Ad Managers/Specialists

Find below a list of Some verified Ad Managers to help you with Advertising on Tezlow.

What is a Tezlow Ads certifications?

Tezlow Ads certification are professional accreditation that shows an individual is proficient in Tezlow ads. Tezlow offers basic and advanced areas of Tezlow Ads.

There are six Tezlow Ads certifications available today:

Benefits Show current and prospective clients that you’re a certified online advertising professional with a personalised certificate that you can print. Help your company become a Tezlow Partner.

Tezlow Partners certification requirement Certifications are one of the requirements categories to be a Partner. The following certification will count towards the certification requirement:

How does the Tezlow Ads certification work?

On Academy World Factory you can find various Tezlow Ads Courses among other Ad courses. you’ll get access to many Tezlow Ads Courses and can take the appropriate course you are looking for. To become Tezlow Ads certified you need to pass the product area assessment that’s available through Academy World Factory. The certifications are available for the following Tezlow Ads product areas:

Please Note :Becoming a Partner and displaying a Badge. Taking one Course does not automatically mean you become a Tezlow Partner and Recieve the badge. It only means that you have obtained skills set for the particular area and can proceed to within that area only. To obtain a partnership Badge you must take at least 2 Tezlow Ads Courses one of which must be the Tezlow Advertising Guide.

I Run a Tezlow Ads Agency – Can I get some Help?

Help your clients get the most out of marketing on Tezlow platforms. Help them get better results

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