This page is a Support Centre for Tezlow Ads Managers Only. Once you hold one of the certificates you can find Support on this page anytime. We are Available Mon – Saturday 9am to 7.30pm

To Start a Live Chat navigate to the Icon below this Page And click to speak to Support.

See Some Frequently Asked Questions Below

I have taken one of the Tezlow Ads courses What can I do next?

  • You can Start your own Ads Agency. (Most Popular For Course TAKERS)
  • You can apply to Work as an Ads manager for Marketing and Advertising Agencies.
  • Tezlow Ad courses can be used to improve your cv for job search, you can add it as one of your certificates when applying for jobs


I now run my own Ad Agency. My Client has paid me for Advertising, I have set up the client user profile on The Tezlow App how can I credit the client Advertising profile to start running the client Advert.

Ask the Live Support for Payment link or contact

Please Note : any payment you make Tezlow would credit the client User Ad account with double.


If the Client has paid you £150 to run their Ad

You only need to send half (£75) to the link provided

Accounts would credit your Client Account with £150 worth of Ads credit.

You Keep Half.


I want to start my own Ad Agency I need a website Profile.

Ask Support They will create your website Profile and provide you with the Login details for your Website profile.